Nielsen to Honor College Students

Lawndale News
Nielsen, which is committed to investing in civic and social justice organizations, educational institutions, and grassroots initiatives, will also honor the hard work of IEF Scholars.

Motivan a estudiantes de bajos recursos en Illinois

La Raza, Impremedia
Motivan a estudiantes de bajos recursos en Illinois Chris Gardner inspiró a estudiantes de bajos recursos de Illinois basándose en su propia historia, publicada en su libro: “The Pursuit of Happyness”- “En Búsqueda de la Felicidad.”

Suited for Success

Extra, Silvara Tabares
IEF held an event that provided current scholars a seminar on how to develop an appropriate and professional wardrobe for the workforce. Brooks Brothers provided free tailoring.

Low-Income Students Get ‘Suited for Success’

Chicago Sun-Times, Stefano Esposito
Forty-one men and women were outfitted, for free, as part of “Suited for Success,” an event sponsored by the Illinois Education Foundation.