OMD Welcomed new class of 815 scholars at orientation

Speaking to 500 Scholars and Alumni at One Million Degrees’ annual Scholar Orientation Day on August 15th, City Colleges Chancellor Juan Salgado called the students “the largest single asset in the City of Chicago.” 

OMD Alumna Profiled in Sunday's Chicago Tribune

After she was accepted at DePaul, Sanchez volunteered to become an [OMD] coach... “You can’t do it on your own,” Sanchez said. “I know I’m the one staying up nights and doing the homework, but you need someone in your corner. After I had that experience I just wanted to do more and give back.”

OMD Wins Make It Better Philanthropy Award

OMD was recognized in the Education category as “an impactful and inspiring organization” and selected for its combination of “excellence, scalability, efficiency, leadership and effectiveness.”

OMD Logo Shines in New York's Times Square

In recognition of winning a Chicago Innovation Award, One Million Degrees' logo shone bright over Times Square after OMD CEO Paige Ponder and Chief Program Officer Veronica Herrero helped ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ.