Shaina Henderson

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“I knew that being a part of OMD would allow me to grow as a person.”

For Shaina Henderson, life after high school was a challenging time. After graduating, she took a year off; she felt like she was falling behind her peers and not living up to her potential. Returning to school as a college student proved equally tricky. She was unsure of how to navigate the system and be successful as a student, at times taking redundant classes because she didn’t know better.

Joining OMD was a turning point. With the help of her coach, Shaina tailored her resume until she was hearing back from almost every job she applied to. She honed her public speaking skills as an OMD Scholar Ambassador, gaining confidence in front of a crowd by advocating the OMD mission. These experiences “allowed [her] to get out of [her] shell more and connect with others that were as self-motivated as [she was].” Shaina thrived within the OMD community and connected deeply with her fellow scholars: “Hearing everyone's accomplishments, big or small, just solidified the amazing work that OMD does. I found so much joy hearing the wonderful things that my fellow scholars were up to that at times I would be in tears.”

After graduating from Harold Washington College, Shaina transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago, graduating in 2016. Today she works as a Financial Institution Specialist at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and has hopes of returning to school for an MBA as well as advancing her career with the FDIC by becoming a commissioned examiner. Additionally, she serves as a member of OMD’s Associates Board and as a coach at Harold Washington College, giving back to the community that has given so much to her. For anyone considering OMD, Shaina has a word of advice: “Like Nike, ‘Just Do It!’ You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by being a part of OMD.”