Lien Vu

Photo for Lien Vu

“Organizations like OMD help affect change from the ground up. I want to work hard and be a part of this larger goal of helping students succeed in higher education, regardless of their socioeconomic status.”

Lien was attracted to OMD because the mission resonated with her. She felt that socioeconomic inequity and unsuccessful completion of higher education were major problems in today’s society, and she wanted to be part of an organization that was actively combatting those issues and changing lives for the better.

Lien was matched with Jessica, a student at Daley college. Although Jessica was initially “rather shy,”  Lien could tell that she had much to say. Gradually Jessica opened up, sharing details of her life such as places she was volunteering and clubs she was joining. Soon, they were fast friends: “our monthly meetings would fly by because we would get so deep in conversation. . .  We also kept in touch by texting, emailing, and meeting up for dinner.” Their close relationship continued to flourish as Jessica stepped outside of her comfort zone increasingly often. Lien took pride in Jessica’s accomplishments: “when she finally volunteered to go up to the front of the room after an OMD coaching session. . . I took pictures!”

In addition to coaching, Lien hosted an OMD event at her workplace for scholars who were interested in applied psychology. She shared her knowledge and experience about the admissions process, graduate school, and potential careers with scholars who “had so many insightful questions.” Lien loved seeing scholars “think about graduate school as a future possibility for them.” As a coach, Lien has been a dedicated volunteer, with a piece of advice for anyone considering the role: “DO IT! OMD is such a great organization, the work is so impactful, and the time commitment is only several hours each month! ​Why not?”