"You know, everybody may have a different story, but we [are all] on the same path. We all have a goal."

OMD Scholar

OMD is committed to conducting, disseminating, and highlighting innovative research on best practices in community college student supports. OMD is proud to share this research with its partners, supporters, and other thought-leaders.

In partnership with Jiffy Lansing, PhD student, Northwestern University, OMD has published a study on the impact of positive identity development for the success of low-income community college students. "Beyond a Degree: Identity Development and Community College Student Success" highlights the importance of both capital development and identity development for low-income student success and describes how OMD is pioneering a focus on identity work. 

"Different Stories, Same Path: Alumni Reflections on the One Million Degrees Experience" outlines Dr. Lorenzo Baber's (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) key findings from a series of focus groups and interviews with OMD Alumni. This paper explores which supports are most critical in helping low-income community college students succeed during college and beyond. 

OMD highlights its research initiatives through OMD/x: The Idea Exchange at One Million Degrees. If you are interested in joining us for an OMD/x Thought Leadership event, please contact Chief Development Officer, Allison Lipsman, at [email protected].