One Million Degrees is a powerful support system propelling scholars toward bigger and brighter futures. We provide guidance and advice, push them to excel, cheer them on, and equip them with tools to stay on track with college, career, and life. And we’ve had one remarkable year. Check out our web-based Annual Report to learn more about our action-packed 2015-2016 year.

The title of a new podcast series caught our eye: "Want to change the world? Start with community colleges." As we celebrate our 10th year of programming, we’re proud to say it is something we’ve known all along. Community college students are resilient, visionary people who can, in fact, change the world. Through their own hard work and determination, they are altering the trajectory of their lives and the lives of generations that follow.

And as OMD continues to grow, so too does our impact. This year alone, our scholar class size grew by 76%; the number of volunteer coaches increased by 96%; and our on-site programs doubled. OMD is changing the landscape of community college in Chicago, and our scholars are strengthening our community.

Visit for more information including stories, statistics, and our 2016 financial report.