Former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Speaks at OMD/x

More than 100 Chicago thought leaders joined former US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in conversation with Alexi Giannoulias at OMD's 3rd annual OMD/x at Deloitte on February 9. Duncan currently serves as Managing Partner of Emerson Colletive, an organization with the mission of helping men aged 17 to 24 who are currently unemployed and out of school obtain a job. Like OMD, Emerson Collective serves some of Chicago's most vulnerable. As Duncan said when speaking about the men at Emerson Collective, "If they had another rational choice, they would take it." We are giving our scholars that other rational choice.

When closing out the event, OMD Alumna Lavada Kimble said it better than anyone else:

"Organizations like One Million Degrees and Emerson Collective change our mindset. We go from thinking, Nobody's going to do anything for me to Someone cares about me. And that makes the world of a difference."

Thank you to Deloitte for hosting the breakfast and thank you to everyone in the OMD family for caring about Lavada and our other scholars. View photos from the event on our flickr.