Octavio Origel

Photo for Octavio Origel

“Having Blaine [my OMD Coach] on my side allowed me to have essential feedback. . . he was very influential towards my transfer college acceptance to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.”

Octavio was drawn to One Million Degrees because he saw and understood that OMD provided so much more than financial aid. He applied because he recognized the “commitment to upgrade the value of what it means to support students.” With that support, combined with his natural ambition and drive, Octavio excelled at Prairie State College. He involved himself in numerous clubs and organizations, earned various awards, and took on leadership positions such as serving as a student trustee.

As his time at Prairie State was drawing to a close, Octavio knew he wanted to transfer to a four-year university, with the ultimate goal of completing a master’s degree in microbiology. His coach Blaine was there for him every step of the way: “having Blaine on my side allowed me to have essential feedback. . . [he] was very influential towards my college acceptance.” They worked closely together on creating, editing, and revising his application and essays. Finally, Octavio received his response: he had been admitted to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with the Covenant Scholarship, a prestigious program that combines financial assistance with mentorship and additional supports.  

Eventually, Octavio hopes to be an expert in microbiology, researching biofuel and microbiota. Inspired by Blaine, he also wants to someday be a One Million Degrees Coach to help and guide students in their interests and to their goals, the same way Blaine coached him.