Michael Ndichuck

Photo for Michael Ndichuck

“I never thought of graduating from college. Fortunately for me, I was surrounded by such a brilliant task-force at OMD that would not stop helping me flourish. . . [OMD] will help you grow as a team player and connect you to a great number of intellectuals whose mission is to help you succeed.”

Michael learned about One Million Degrees through his siblings, who were also OMD Scholars. Like many Scholars, he struggled with the many responsibilities he had to balance: he was enrolled full-time as a student, worked daily, and was involved in various student organizations and volunteering commitments.

During his first semester as an OMD Scholar, Michael took on five classes – a heavy workload for any student, let alone one with so many other commitments. He also met his coach: “I was matched to one the most amazing people [I’ve met] in my lifetime, a mentor and professional Coach Patrick Campbell.” His five-class semester was a challenge, but his coach was there for him every step of the way with words of encouragement: “The thought of giving up crossed my mind so many times but I had just the right people pulling my ears along . . . I still hear his voice in my head when I get into a difficult situation.” In the end, Michael got an A in every single class he took that semester, calling it “the turning point to [his] academic success today.”

Michael hopes to eventually work at pharmaceutical company as a research pharmacist. He is well on his way to that goal – he graduated in the Spring as Salutatorian of Harry S. Truman College, with an Associate’s Degree in Health Science and an offer to his top-choice school, the UIC College of Pharmacy.