Kelly & Ashanti

Photo for Kelly & Ashanti

Ashanti Buie, a first-year OMD Scholar studying Media Communications at Kennedy King College, and her coach Kelly Dougan, a Senior Marketing Effectiveness Consultant at Baker Tilly, have forged a strong relationship that extends well beyond OMD.

Ashanti is looking at career options in communications. She is working as an OMD Ambassador to help sharpen her skills and wanted to explore other opportunities in communication. Her coach, Kelly, recently started her job at Baker Tilly but didn’t want to deny Ashanti an opportunity to experience what a real office setting is like: “My job has shifted and I am still learning the ropes and knew that wouldn’t help Ashanti learn much,” Kelly explained. “I did want her to see what opportunities and office settings could exist for her even though I am still getting adjusted to my new role.”

Still getting her feet wet, Kelly decided to call on her sister, a Senior Consultant with the ROC Group, an organizational communications firm that helps employees and leadership understand, accept, and act on change. “I knew my sister would not only be willing to show Ashanti around but it would allow us to talk to her about the things about our jobs that we like. We also wanted to share how we get through some of the challenges we face in communications and marketing. I told Ashanti to prepare for the afternoon, and could tell she did a lot of research. She really asked tough questions about how we shape our day and our careers.

Ashanti got a tour of the ROC Group office and a “lunch and learn” session with the sisters to learn more about different types of communication roles. Ashanti really enjoyed the experience: “I was so grateful to be invited and was inspired by the work she does! Both of these women have incredible careers in my field of study and it is so motivational to get a glimpse into what my future could possibly look like!”

Kelly and Ashanti stay well connected through text message and emails through the week but also plan other “field trip” type activities. They have grabbed coffee, worked out together and are planning on taking a women’s self-defense class in April. “We really have connected through doing things that allow us to talk in different settings. We have great discussions during these activities and really work through challenges together. It is amazing what a change of scenery can do!” adds Kelly.