Denis Njee

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"Earning my Associate's Degree and obtaining a Presidential Scholarship to pursue my Bachelor's Degree was one of the most amazing things that happened to me during the past few years. Thank you, OMD, for providing me with the right tools to accomplish such things."

When Denis first walked into One Million Degrees’ doors, he was looking for a scholarship—some financial support to help pay his college tuition while attending Olive-Harvey College. What he found was so much more. “I was amazed by the full package that OMD is,” Denis explained.

Attending college while working two jobs was extremely challenging, but Denis says that “OMD provided him the right tools to earn his degree and pursue his dreams.”

After graduating from Olive-Harvey with his Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, Denis won a Presidential Scholarship to transfer to Illinois Institute of Technology to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management. Ultimately, Denis plans to pursue an MBA and work as a Supply Chain Analyst.