Cymba McReynolds

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“I didn't want to waste an opportunity. I wanted to be involved on campus and have a full college experience as a first time college student.”

When Cymba was introduced to OMD during her first semester at Kennedy-King, she knew it was an opportunity for her. She was sleep-deprived from juggling a myriad of responsibilities and often struggled with time management; as a result, her studies suffered. OMD was a chance at a fresh start.  

Cymba soon set about taking advantage of all the resources OMD had to offer. She doubled down on her schoolwork with tutors that OMD provided, and her GPA steadily climbed. As a business major, she practiced networking at etiquette dinners: “It was my first time at a cocktail party environment. . . I learned a lot about how to conduct myself in environments like that.” As she searched for a job, she leveraged the connections OMD provided her with: “My Program Coordinator also set up an appointment for me with a not-for-profit organization.” Her coach helped her create and polish a resume to apply with, and finally their efforts were rewarded as Cymba landed a summer job.

Cymba graduated in the Spring from Kennedy-King College as Valedictorian. With an Associate’s Degree in Business, she has been admitted to UIC to study Business Management & Administration in the fall; there, through Phi Theta Kappa, she intends to study abroad in China and continue looking for internships and jobs related to business. She plans to eventually become an entrepreneur, using the skills she’s learned through OMD.