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“[OMD] has been an incredibly valuable piece in our apprentice program. . . Our OMD contact provides resources and perspective that have made the program successful.”

OMD and Aon have a deep partnership, ranging from generous support and volunteer coach involvement to including OMD in developing their apprenticeship program. Darah Landwehr, who has overseen much of the program and worked closely with OMD, believes that “both organizations value opportunities and inclusion,” and that “with the apprentice program, we are able to offer both opportunities and the support to take advantage of those opportunities” for students who might not otherwise have had access.

Working with community college students was a somewhat new experience for Aon, and they valued the expertise that OMD brought: “ OMD brings in prior experience with City College students and the support they need and, as such, has been a great partner to help us coach the apprentices and ensure success for our program.” Working with OMD brought in a “valuable viewpoint” that helped Aon better understand and respond to the needs of their apprentices.

Darah believes that their inaugural apprentice program has been successful in large part due to OMD’s “different perspective – a focus on the full apprentice, not just their work life.” Both OMD and Aon are excited to see what the apprenticeship program can grow to become, as well as expand to offer opportunities to ever more students.